Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the first

In the name of Allah

I'm Ali Reza and in addition that's my first experience of creation a blog and writting a post, now i'm writting on English language.

Anyway it's just a starting by an amaeur learner. So you shoud be patient with me.

It's the end of my first experience.

See You


  1. hello and welcome
    now, i can put my comment. i like more your past Tittle, DAYS OF BEING WILD.
    but this name is good too.

    i guess you are crazy about movies. isn't?

  2. That was good, but do you mean something by the pictuer which is choosed for starting?
    good job man...

  3. hello to you Mohammad Reza and thanks. you are in correct way.

  4. Reza i didn't get your meaning completely but i think a photo of beginning a road in no land is suitable for starting.hello to you too.