Friday, October 23, 2009

Traditional Beliefs

In Iran, we have some strange credence. For example when somebody snuffs in front of you, you have to be patient and leave anything you’ll want to do for some minutes. As second strange belief, when your palms itch, amount of money will receive to you. Or when the same sentence was told by two persons, one of them tells to other pull your hair. When your eyelid pants or when a child sweep your house or when slag of tea surface in a cup of tea and gather over it, you will have to expect for a guest. And when a leaf of your shoes was put on the other leaf in special position, you will reception of a guest from far land. Don’t snip a scissors without anything to snip, that maybe cause strife in your group. We also have many other customary that I can’t say those are superstition or something else. As you see we have many beliefs that come from traditions or religions or fictions, but today number of people that believe these beliefs is in minority.

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